MaryKate’s Concerns For Idaho


As a parent it so important to have a quality education available to our children. Working to retain and recruit qualified educators in Idaho, to teach the fundamentals of education to our youth. By re-evaluating the school districts in Idaho to identify areas for improvement, budgeting allocation, and merit-based competitive pay. Ensuring parent choice in education and allowing for funding to alternative education options. Every family has the right to decide for themselves what does and does not work for their family. By working with the state superintendent, teachers’ union, state board of education, and state leaders, a bi-partisan effort must be made to change the learning trajectory for
Idaho’s youth.


A healthy economy is one in which every business is essential. I will work for you to protect your small business from government overreach; in taxes and unconstitutional regulation that deflates a prosperous economy. Taxes continue to be a burden for the average Idahoan, and I hope to address that by lowering and taking away excessive taxes. Grocery tax, Idaho state income tax, and special tax credits are just some of the big expenditures I plan to address. Working in banking for over twenty years has allowed me to see firsthand the pitfalls of federal overreach, predatory financial practices, over regulation of federal and state agencies which can harm an economy. A strong, independent of federal
strings state economy can sustain through geo-political, pandemic, and federal overreach adversities.

Public Safety

In a fast-growing state comes public safety concerns. Our men and women in law
enforcement need our support. With advanced resources to cover a broad spectrum of public safety services we can help them to serve and protect the public. Supporting victims’ rights and allowing for law enforcement officers to uphold the law, helps to ensure public safety. My hope is working in the
legislature to provide advocacy for the law enforcement, work with local and state agencies to help further the reach of civil service.

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